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Cartography is (from ancient Greek: χάρτης chartēs, "papyrus, sheet of paper, map"; and γράφειν graphein, "write") the study and practice of creating and using maps.

One of the important areas of activity of CAST is cartography. Aerial photographs have traditionally been used to create and update topographic maps. Recently, space images have come to the fore as a basic basis for topographic mapping.

There are several main trends that contribute to the active use of remote sensing data in cartography:

  • a large number of remote sensing satellites in orbit, including ultra-high-resolution spacecraft, and therefore a large selection of data with a variety of characteristics;
  • increase in positioning accuracy without field binding up to 3-4 m;
  • high performance and high speeds of transmission of shooting results;
  • reduction of data delivery time to the consumer - development of the concept of "virtual stations";
  • wide use of network technologies and capabilities, creation of Internet services that provide direct access to data;
  • quite low cost of remote sensing data, as well as low costs for their processing compared to aerial photography and geodetic methods.

Vectorization of paper maps and plans

Digitization of cards from paper media is very relevant today due to the fact that corporate and municipal funds of card materials in analog (paper) form are now increasingly becoming unusable. There is only one way to save sometimes invaluable data - digitization, that is, the creation of digital maps.

Creation and updating of topographic maps and plan

The Department of Cartographic Solutions of CAST Company performs works on the creation and updating of digital topographic maps and plans using modern technologies for obtaining and processing information: space survey, field surveys of territories using GLONASS/GPS positioning systems, geoinformation software.

Cartographic products "5+" and "10+"

In addition to the standard large-scale range of topographic maps, CAST offers the customer an exclusive type of cartographic products - "5+" and "10+" maps.


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