Development and Implementation of GIS

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Development and Implementation of GIS

Geoinformation systems (also GIS, GIS - geographic information system) - systems designed for the collection, storage, analysis and graphical visualization of spatial data and related information.


The advantage of GIS over other information technologies lies in a set of tools for creating and combining databases with the capabilities of their online geographical analysis and visual visualization in the form of various digital maps, graphs, diagrams, direct binding of all attributive and graphic data to each other.

To date, there are a lot of software products, our company has all of them (ArcGIS, QGIS, ERDAS IMAGINE, GIS Panorama, ENVI)

GIS systems allow:

  • determine which objects are located in a given territory and accurately determine the location of objects (spatial analysis);
  • to make a thematic analysis of the territory (density, current state of objects, etc.) ;
  • identify spatio-temporal changes in a certain area (didynam of deforestation, illegal landfills and mining);
  • perspective analysis - forecasting the situation when making changes to the territory (for example, what will happen if you add a new road, school, etc.).

Creation of GIS

A line of geoinformation products developed by Esri taking into account the advanced trends in information technology development and the needs of GIS users.

Thematic processing

ENVI line of software products from Harris Geospatial Solutions (ex. Exelis VIS), a division of Harris Corporation (USA), are professional solutions for visualization, processing and analysis of optoelectronic and radar data of Earth remote sensing, laser scanning data, their integration with GIS data and creation of various applications.

Radar data processing

SARscape A complex of ENVI SARscape multifunctional modules from sarmap SA (Switzerland) for processing and analysis of radar data performed by synthetic aperture radar (SAR).


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