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Imagery access on your terms

A SecureWatch® subscription gives you on-demand access to the world's most recent high-accuracy, high-resolution satellite imagery and analytics


Update your organization’s maps and build derivative products using the highest quality current basemap.

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Automatically receive alerts when new imagery becomes available over your area of interest.

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Detecting Change

Understand the impact of change with access to more than 20 years of historical satellite imagery.

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Make timely decisions in response to emerging conditions and inform planning for future events with actionable information.

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Accelerate your decision-making

Weather is in a constant state of change. Help your organization get ahead of market changes and limit your weather risk exposure with WeatherDesk

Web applications

With global coverage and 24/7 access and powered by predictive analytics, these applications drive well-informed decisions about changing weather conditions.

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Data services

Get the answers you need with daily and hourly forecasts and observations, wind and solar generation forecasts and more.

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Information reports

Quickly consume actionable intelligence provided by a team of expert Maxar analysts and meteorologists.

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Real-Time Satellite Monitoring with Planet

With roughly 200 Dove satellites in orbit, PlanetScope Monitoring provides a high-resolution, continuous, and complete view of the world from above, every day.

High-Resolution Imagery with Planet Satellite Tasking

At 50 cm resolution, Planet Tasking provides organizations with real-time intelligence to proactively identify blind spots, anticipate events, and have confidence in the next mission-critical decision.

Planet Basemaps: Comprehensive, High-Frequency Mosaics for Analysis

Planet Basemaps: Comprehensive, High-Frequency Mosaics for Analysis

Select Visual Basemaps

Monitor evolving landscapes and infrastructure over time and derive insights from advanced analytics over large regions. Select Basemaps give you the power to define what you need, where you need it, and how often – without sacrificing coverage or quality.


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